Flexshield has introduced custom acoustic doors to its range of noise control solutions. One of the most common causes of noise leakage from industrial or manufacturing plants is a lack of soundproof doors. If incorrectly installed, an existing door can allow excess noise to penetrate into surrounding office locations, and even spread to outdoor areas.

Flexshield offers consultation and customisation services to help customers correctly identify, install and fit the right acoustic door for them. This can ensure the creation of a successful sound, wind and air draught barrier, especially when using the correct seals.

For example, heavy-duty sheet metal should be used in applications requiring extreme noise reduction and high security. Heavier doors such as these can also be fitted with additional security items, including locks and peep-holes.

Some installations may require soundproof PVC strip curtains, which allow easy entry and exit for forklifts and other machinery. The translucent PVC fabric allows operators to see people, machinery or other obstructions on the other side for assured safety.

More information on custom acoustic doors is available from Flexshield.