Flexshield  designed, manufactured and installed acoustic screens around the HVAC equipment housed on a rooftop. The acoustic screens were installed as a noise control solution.

Many modern buildings utilise the rooftop space to house plant and equipment such as chillers, air conditioning units, pumps, blowers, compressors and generators. Given the potential for noise generation from the equipment, noise control barriers are required to protect local residents and businesses.

This particular project involved a petrol station, convenience store and drive through takeaway facility being built amongst residential properties. The roof was to house the air-conditioning unit, chillers and HVAC equipment needed for the operation of the centre.

Acoustic modelling showed that a noise control barrier would be needed on the rooftop plant to control the noise to acceptable levels in the night for nearby houses.

Flexshield’s noise control screens for the HVAC equipment were manufactured in a modular clip-together style, allowing them to be installed without any heavy lift equipment.

Flexshield manufactures a complete range of noise control solutions.