Flexshield sonic curtain panels were used by an Australian construction company to create a temporary acoustic enclosure designed to contain noise and dust during a demolition project.

The company was tasked with the removal of terrazzo floor coverings at the Canberra Centre Ainslie Mall with all works to be carried out at night, requiring them to comply with stringent noise restrictions.

The temporary acoustic enclosure was clad in Flexshield sonic curtains and used to completely enclose the demolition machinery. Built using lightweight scaffold and internally clad with 12mm ply, the enclosure was covered on the exterior with Flexshield sonic curtain panels to contain the demolition noise.

Ambient noise recorded prior to the use of the mobile noise enclosure was 55 to 60dB at the entry to the adjacent blocks of flats. During the test demolition, noise levels of up to 85dB were recorded while the maximum recorded level when using the enclosure was 66dB.

The construction company’s project manager commented that they would not have been able to complete the demolition works without Flexshield sonic curtain panels.