Flexshield recently supplied its sonic curtains to leading construction company, Lend Lease to control noise from demolition works at Melbourne Airport.

Lend Lease sought an effective sound control solution from Flexshield to address the noise generated by demolition activity at their project site, which was impacting other stakeholders in the vicinity.

According to Lend Lease Project Director Allen Kelaher, Flexshield was able to respond quickly to their urgent request with noise absorbing curtains supplied and installed to the site fencing. Flexshield’s sonic curtains blocked and absorbed the noise, ensuring the neighbouring companies were not affected. The reduced noise levels have met the expectations of the airport as well as its stakeholders.

Flexshield sonic curtains achieve superb levels of soundproofing by combining both sound barrier technology and noise absorption products into one flexible soundproof curtain panel. Suitable for use in both indoor and outdoor applications, Flexshield’s sonic curtains are durable, offer easy maintenance, and allow vision panels, access doors and other accessories to be easily incorporated.

Acoustic curtains can be used to reduce environmental noise issues arising from construction works, earth and road works, refurbishments on occupied buildings, offices, air conditioners, rooftop plant equipment, and sports halls.