Flexshade  supplies and installs a select range of cantilever shade umbrellas designed without the centre post to create a stylish shade structure.  

Cantilever shade umbrellas are designed to maximise covered space in the outdoor area. Shade structures offered by Flexshade eliminate the centre post to create a versatile cantilever shade umbrella that allows the user to get the most out of the covered area.  

The Quartet and Hexagonal ranges of cantilever shade umbrellas are available with an optional pivoting mechanism at the top of the column. This allows the tension membrane canopy to be rotated, enabling an increase of shade area. The Quartet shade umbrellas increase the shade cover by over 250%.  

The Quartet range of cantilever shade umbrellas displays the adaptability of the shade structures.  

When installed at a domestic residence, it provides the perfect place to relax by the pool in the shade. The pivot option enables the umbrella to be swung out over the water surface, so the pool can be enjoyed even when the sun is at its harshest. The Tedlar canopy used in the Quartet cantilever shade umbrellas blocks 100% of UV rays.  

Each Flexshade structure incorporates technology and engineering derived from their large custom tension membrane structures, and is designed and built to superior standards.  

Flexshade outdoor umbrellas are available in Australia and worldwide with representatives in Sydney, the Gold Coast, Adelaide, Perth, South East Asia, Europe, USA and India.