Flexitraxx tracks, by Itec provide a tracking solution for any curved internal structures, including framing of partitions, walls, bulkheads and columns.

Contributing to the tracking system’s stability is the continuous flange lacing that links the tracks segments and provides unmatched tensile strength. Because of this feature there is no need to secure each individual segment.

A derivative of standard Flexitraxx is Flexitraxx V, in which the two flange laces are replaced by four wires, permitting a vertical and/or horizontal curve to be achieved. Due to its special design, Flexitraxx tracks ensure inherently smooth curves, allowing for easy handling - securing the shape of the tracks could not be simpler.

Flexitraxx is available from Mandas and Co . It comes in a range of thicknesses, including 51, 64, 76, 92 and 150mm (steel) and 70mm (timber). Sizes for overseas have also been produced.