PebbleART from Flexitec Synthetic Surfaces  is ideal for use as a soft surface pool surround system. A durable and resilient soft surface, PebbleART is a world-patented thermoplastic molecular compound, designed to be used as a soft pool surround surface.

PebbleART soft pool surround systems provide soft, slip resistant surfaces, but are less abrasive than other alternatives. PebbleART soft pool surround systems remain cool underfoot, and will retain safety resilience over time due to their strength, UV stability and chlorine resistance.
PebbleART can also be used under water or as a vehicle driveway surface. 

Features of PebbleART include:

  • High level of foot traction for skid resistance
  • Unique and patented chemical composition for strength
  • Easily maintainable and cleanable for peace of mind
  • Cooler underfoot for comfort
  • Doesn't fade or discolour for quality
  • Softer and safer for children
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Durable and long lasting
  • Superior compaction and stronger chemical bonding for longevity