Fletcher Insulation presents the Thermatape residential thermal insulation tape that is easy to use and serves as a cost effective solution in thermal bridging on metal frame construction.

According to the Building Code of Australia (2007), a thermal break is needed when a metal framing part connects the external cladding to the internal lining or the internal environment. This ensures the thermal performance of the metal framed wall offers similar results to clad timber framed walls.

The Thermatape is manufactured from quality, high density polyethylene foam that features a self adhesive backing and easily sticks to steel frames prior to the installation of cladding.

The insulation tape helps create a break between the steel frame and the outer cladding material. The high density polyethylene foam prevents direct contact between the steel frame and the cladding, which ensures the overall thermal performance of the insulation system, is not affected by thermal bridging.

Thermatape, from Fletcher Insulation, can also be installed on glasswool batts in the same way as with timber framing. They are available in a green colouring finish with an easy to peel off backing paper.