Available now from Fletcher Insulation , Cosyfloor from Insulco is a 100% polyester floor insulation made from a blend of polyester fibres bonded with a low melt fibre.

Strong, lightweight, and soft to handle, Cosyfloor polyester floor insulation is easy to install as a retrofit or during new building construction. Used for thermal and acoustic comfort, this insulation helps to reduce draughts from entering the home through suspended timber floors and also reduce the level of noise transfer that reaches the living areas of the home.

Designed and pre cut to fit between standard timber floor joists at 450mm centres, Cosyflor polyester floor insulation, when correctly installed, can effectively reduce heating and energy cooling costs and will also help meet the 6 star energy efficiency requirement for suspended timber floors.

Cosyfloor polyester floor insulation is made from synthetic polymers known as polyethylene terephthalate (PET), and to reduce landfill, plastic drink bottles are also recycled to produce a portion of the fibres used to manufacture Cosyfloor.