Fletcher Insulation were at DesignBUILD in Sydney educating visitors about their soon to be released, Eurocoustic ceiling tiles which will become available on 1st July this year.

“They’re European manufactured and have excellent acoustic absorption qualities and they also have a really good thermal rating for ceiling tiles,” Christallo Kouris, Fletcher’s Commercial Marketing Manager said.

“The wide variety of colours and patterns, sizes and acoustic absorption ratings means there is a solution for every type of application.”

The accoustic ceiling tiles are manufactured from mineral wool and are available in a range of different styles including the White Satin range, White Matt Range, Design, Pattern, and Solutions Ranges.

“The Solutions Range has a number of products for specific applications.

“For example, there is a product specifically designed for use in hospitals that can be cleaned and water-blasted and there is also a product specifically for sporting venues that is resistant to impact,” Kouris said.

The Eurocoustic accoustic ceiling tile Solutions Range also caters to cinemas, food preparation rooms, conference and government buildings. Fletcher’s varied range of Eurocoustic ceiling tiles can respond to most commercial construction applications in Australia.

“While we have sourced this product from a European manufacturer, we’ve changed it to meet Australian standards and it has been designed specifically for the Australian market,” Kouris said.