Fletcher Insulation  have released a patented new product that now makes it easy for metal deck roofing to comply with the Energy Efficiency provisions of the Building Code of Australia (BCA) – contained in Part J of the code.

The new Roof Rack will be welcomed by roofing manufacturers and installers who have not been totally happy with current methods of achieving compliance.

The problem of achieving a Total R3.2 insulation value required for most climate zones in Australia in commercial (class 5-9) buildings has been answered with Fletcher Insulation’s innovative new Roof Rack.

The Roof Rack allows the insulation to recover to its full nominal thickness under the roofing without having to sag the wire mesh that is meant to be pulled taut for optimum safety.

Peter Ruz, Marketing Manager, reinforced the advantages of Roof Rack over other systems at the launch. With a timed, practical demonstration of the installation, Peter Ruz showed that productivity of installation on the roof can be maintained using the Roof Rack system compared with traditional methods.

Contractors and rollformers alike were enthusiastic about Roof Rack’s ability to use standard, small roofing screws and the ease of the fixing to the major concealed fixed roof systems.

Testing at NATA accredited laboratories has demonstrated that the use of Roof Rack does not adversely affect the performance for wind uplift, serviceability and foot traffic for the concealed roof systems recommended for use with Roof Rack.

These include the standard 700mm wide concealed fixed decks from BlueScope Lysaght, Stramit, Fielders and Metroll, as well as Steeline’s 680mm product.

The new Roof Rack is available now for use in most climate zones in Australia and Fletcher Insulation are currently developing new versions of the product to meet the demands of cyclonic areas and areas where a higher Total R-value is required such as alpine regions.