To accommodate new BCA requirements, Fletcher Insulation recently launched the roof rack 100mm spacer and roof rack cover plate.

The BCA 2010 now states that in climate zone 7 a minimum R-value of R3.7 is required in a commercial metal roof application.

The roof rack 100mm spacers allow for the building blanket to recover to its full nominal thickness, achieving a total R-value of R3.7. This is a cost effective solution and is endorsed by leading roofing manufacturers and uses standard self-drilling screws.

The introduction of the roof rack cover plate enables roofers to utilise the roof rack range of products for concealed or pierce fixed roof applications.

The roof rack range of products also includes the roof rack 75mm spacer that is suitable for use in climate zones 1-6 to achieve a total R-value of R3.2.

The roof rack cover plate can accommodate both the 75mm and 100mm roof rack spacer for use in pierce fixed roofing applications.

More information about roof racks is available from Fletcher Insulation.