Building Code of Australia (BCA) requirements

Thermal bridging is the term given to heat leakage through a conductive path. Metal framed structures are particularly susceptible to thermal bridging due to their high conductive properties.

The thermal performance of wall and roofing systems is compromised due to thermal bridging when a metal frame member connects the outer cladding or roofing with the inner lining.

Under the BCA (2007) Section, a thermal break is needed when a metal framing member directly connects the external cladding to the internal lining or the internal environment.

The purpose of the thermal break is to ensure that the thermal performance of the metal framed wall is comparable to that of a similarly clad timber framed wall.

The quick, easy solution to thermal bridging

Fletcher Insulation’s  Thermatape is a simple, easy to use and cost effective solution to resolving issues regarding thermal bridging on metal frame construction.

The Building Code of Australia (BCA) now contains a requirement for a thermal break to be installed where materials such as weatherboard, fibre cement sheeting or metal cladding are fixed directly to the steel frame to reduce the effects of thermal bridging.

Manufactured from premium quality high density polyethylene foam with a self adhesive backing, Thermatape is easily adhered to steel frames prior to the installation of cladding.

Having been specially developed for this application, Thermatape meets the BCA thermal break requirement of R0.2.

Thermatape allows installing tried and proven glasswool batts in the same way as with timber framing meaning the acoustic performance of the wall system can be improved.

Thermatape also allows users to only treat thermal bridging where it is a problem, on the framing members rather than treating the entire wall system.

Stop heat leakage

Thermatape works by creating a thermal break between the steel frame and the outer cladding material. The high density polyethylene foam prevents direct contact between the steel frame and the cladding at the fixing point, thereby, ensuring that the overall thermal performance of the insulation system is not adversely affected by thermal bridging.

Fletcher Insulation’s Thermatape is also quick and easy to install. Simply peel off the backing paper and apply to the steel frame before fixing the cladding.