Fletcher Insulation F122 Ductwrap was used to help improve the energy efficiency of Hallet Cove Shopping Centre, located in Hallet Cove, South Australia.

The changes to the Building Code of Australia to improve the energy efficiency of commercial buildings had led Hansen Yunken and Bestec Consultants to consider their options in improving the shopping complex.

Hallet Cove Shopping Centre needed to meet the minimum mandatory BCA Energy Efficiency provisions, which required the Total R-Value of ductwork insulation to be at least R1.0. The specific requirements are dependent on the climate zone, cooling capacity and the location of the system within the building.

Fletcher Insulation’s F122 Ductwrap was chosen by Macey’s Insulation, which achieved a Total R-value of R1.25. This total included the glasswool having a material R-value of R1.1 and the reflective airspace, created by the Sisalation facing, adding a further R0.15. This is consistent with the BCA guidelines.

The F122 Ductwrap was easily installed on the ductwork with Fletcher Insulation Vapastop 493 Reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape, a tough tape that is coated with high tack pressure sensitive adhesive. The Vapastop 493 tape is also recommended for use with Sisalation products to provide a vapour sealed join.

Fletcher Insulation is one of Australia’s leading suppliers in air conditioning duct insulation, particularly for premier commercial buildings. Their range of glasswool duct insulation products provides significant benefits to the environment.