These days, there’s an app for pretty much everything. From the convenience of your phone or tablet you are able to catch up on news from around the world, plan a workout at the gym, chat with a mate living overseas and order a coffee from the café down the road - and that is all before you even get out of bed.

There is no disputing apps are making daily life a little easier.  While some are created with the sole intention of helping people waste time, it’s the apps that help to simplify traditionally difficult tasks and save time that provide the most value. No truer is this than for the architects and designers of the world, where deadlines rule, and a spare 20 minutes is rarer than hen’s teeth.

So when an app comes along that can help streamline some of the most arduous elements of the design process, it is big news. There are a plethora of apps available that have revolutionised the way designs, drawings and models are created and shared within the industry, helping to increase creativity and accuracy and maximise the hours in a working day.

Now a new app is helping architects, engineers and builders tackle another traditionally time consuming design challenge – insulation.

With sustainability and energy efficiency at the forefront of all design thinking, achieving the best possible thermal performance is a key consideration for any project. Insulation of roofs, walls and floors is a critical element of thermal performance and in turn achieving the minimum required 6 Star Standard for energy efficiency.

However, specifying an insulation solution that complies to building standards and code requirements, is suited to the relevant climate zone and fits the design brief can be extremely onerous, and even if much time and care is given to cross-checking each detail, mistakes and inaccuracies still occur.

This is why Fletcher Insulation have developed FletcherSpec™ Pro, an app that addresses the issues architects and builders face when specifying insulation.

FletcherSpec™ Pro helps to simplify the specification of an insulation solution in Australia, providing users with a smarter approach to identifying an appropriate product that will satisfy building code requirements, climate zones and design needs. 

FletcherSpec™ Pro is a specification tool that provides architects and specifiers with confidence  when specifying insulation solutions, guaranteeing a simple, streamlined approach every time.

Click here to watch a short video of FletcherSpec™ Pro in action.