Sustainable design is the biggest challenge faced by Australian architects today. As the industry seeks to reduce the negative impact the built environment has on our ecosystem, as well as the health of the population, the way in which we build and design must continue to evolve.

At the heart of sustainable design is the energy efficiency of a building. The importance of a project’s energy efficiency is reflected in the requirements set down in the National Construction Code, with a 6 Star Energy rating now a necessity for all new homes and renovations to meet compliance.

The 6 Star Standard applies to the thermal performance of a home, in particular the building envelope – its roof, walls and floor. With approximately 40% of a household’s total energy used for heating and cooling to achieve thermal comfort, reducing the dependence on auxiliary heating systems and air conditioners is key to improving this thermal performance; halving the rate to 20% is seen as a highly achievable short term goal.

Specifying the right insulation solution will go a long way to achieving this goal.

And while specifying insulation should be simple enough, the reality is it can be one of the most complex, time consuming tasks of the design stage.

Determining the relevant climate zone and different building class types, referencing applicable energy efficiency requirements, considering the solar absorption value of roof cladding and then finally sourcing the correct insulation products for the application can require a gargantuan effort and with the amount of cross-referencing required can easily lead to errors being made.

With increasingly shorter deadlines, the time spent searching for an insulation solution is time that most designers just don’t have.

This is why Fletcher Insulation are continuing the evolution of sustainable design solutions, with the introduction of FletcherSpec™ Pro, an app that addresses the issues architects and builders face when specifying insulation.

FletcherSpec™ Pro has been developed to simplify the specification of insulation solutions in Australia, providing users with a smarter approach to identifying an appropriate product that will satisfy various building code requirements, climate zones and design needs.

FletcherSpec™ Pro is a specification tool that provides architects and specifiers with confidence when specifying insulation solutions, guaranteeing a simple, streamlined approach every time.

To find out more about FletcherSpec ™ Pro and how you can download the app for free, CLICK HERE. Or download our white paper here.