Flagpole World  is a manufacturer and supplier of quality flags and flagpoles to residential, commercial and government units in Australia. Flagpole World also offers complete repair and maintenance services to its customers. Flagpoles supplied by Flagpole World are manufacturer from aluminium, timber and steel.

The types of Australian flags supplied by Flagpole World are appliqué flags and printed flags. Some of the most popular appliqué Australian flags are the Australian National flags, Civil Air Ensign flags, Aboriginal flags, Northern Territory flags and Queensland flags. These flags are made of high quality bunting flag fabric. These can be used for outdoor purposes. Printed flags, on the other hand, are specifically manufactured for indoor purposes. These consist of the South Australian state flag, RAAF flag, Budget Western Australia flag and many more.

International flags of almost every country can be supplied by Flagpole World. These are available in appliquéd and printed versions. The countries whose flags have been recently added to the Flagpole World range are India, Cuba, Soloman Islands, Taiwan, Tuvalu, Jordan and Puerto Rico.

Flagpole World also produces budget international flags for commercial and government units. Budget international flags from Flagpole World include national flags, special interest flags and German and US state flags.