Kitchen appliances manufacturer, Fisher & Paykel Appliances has won the prestigious international Red Dot Design Award three times in the space of 12 months.

In 2013 Fisher & Paykel’s new 90cm, 3-burner Gas on Glass cooktop and 60cm Built-In Oven were awarded ‘Red Dots’. The latest from the Fisher & Paykel range to win this honour is the new Touch&Slide Cooktop range.

Considered the pinnacle of international design awards, the Red Dot competition received 4,815 entries this year, with only a narrow 1.5% taking home the honour. Fisher & Paykel was one of the 72 world-class winners selected by a team of 40 expert jury panellists.

According to Fisher & Paykel’s Kara May, the awards are a recognition of the company’s commitment to the integrity of their appliance design, where the dynamic nature of form and function is considered closely by designers, engineers and product developers to ensure world-class, human-centred appliances are produced to meet the consumer’s changing needs.

Fisher & Paykel’s 60cm Built-In ovens feature one of the most generous internal capacities on the market. The new induction and gas-on-glass cooktop variants have just been released to the Australian market and offer consumers ultimate freedom to arrange different modes and sizes of cooktops to suit their personal preferences.

The Touch&Slide cooktops are available in four different models offering a choice not just in size, but also the number of cooking zones. While the 90cm has five cook zones, there are now two 60cm variants in three or four zones, while the space-saving 30cm cooktop offers two zones.

Each of the individual models (gas or induction) is designed to match, with the same easy-to-clean, reflective black glass and polished metal strip allowing individual products to line up perfectly in a seamless configuration of cooking zones.

Fisher & Paykel’s Head of Industrial Design, Mark Elmore explains that they work closely with architects and kitchen designers to create products that are relevant to the evolving nature of the kitchen. A key objective in the creative process is to develop a look that has design integrity without being a slave to fleeting trends. With a focus on ‘designed to match’, all handles, finishes and details offer consistency across each and every appliance.