Fisher & Paykel Appliances announces two new front loader washing machines and a condenser dryer developed in response to the Australian consumer’s laundry demands.

Clean clothes, short wash cycles, whisper-quiet operation, energy savings and a perfect washer-dryer pair are some of the demands of the consumer. Fisher & Paykel’s famous WashSmart and QuickSmart top loader washing machines have essentially been tipped on their sides to create two totally new front loader washing machines that deliver excellent wash results time after time. 

The new AeroXL condensing dryer perfectly matches the WashSmart front loader and can be either installed side by side or with the condenser dryer on top with an optional stacking kit featuring a pull-out tray for easy and ergonomic loading and unloading. 

Fisher & Paykel Brand Manager, Kara May explains that their design team has invested years studying in minute detail how consumers do their laundry, using these insights to re-engineer Fisher & Paykel’s SmartDrive technology for a new Front Loader range. 

Fisher & Paykel designers addressed the five key concerns of consumers about Front Loaders through innovative and smart solutions. 

Wash cycle length: Nine of the 13 wash programmes in WashSmart take less than an hour to complete at 30°C while QuickSmart offers the same with seven of its nine wash programmes. 

Whisper quiet machines: The new SmartDrive Front Loaders use the latest generation Direct Drive motor that eliminates cumbersome parts from the design, resulting in less vibration and whisper-quiet operation. 

Add a garment: The new WashSmart Front Loaders have a helpful ‘add a garment’ function to allow users to add clothes in the middle of a wash cycle. 

Smelly machine: The new WashSmart and QuickSmart Front Loaders feature an anti-fungal door seal and Drum Clean cycle for excellent hygiene, eliminating the problem of smell present in conventional front loading machines. 

Hot or cold: Keeping in mind energy efficiency and cost savings, the new Front Loaders allow consumers to choose the hot or cold water option. 

Features and benefits of Fisher & Paykel’s new Front Loaders also include an impressive 4 Star Energy Rating and 4.5 Star WELS Rating for market-leading energy and water efficiency; and a new Vortex Wash washing action that uses the centripetal force of the spinning drum to force the sudsy water through the clothes to enhance wetting and clean quicker. 

Fisher & Paykel’s new AeroXL condenser dryers minimise the allergens and moisture going into the home, helping to create a healthier environment. The simple installation eliminates the need for providing venting. A SmartTouch control dial gives fingertip access to a user-friendly interface while the auto-sensing feature automatically detects moisture inside the drum to prevent over-drying. The 8kg large capacity dryer can handle bulky items with ease.