Fisher & Paykel Appliances announces new cooktops in gas and induction variants that can be used to create bespoke combinations to suit the user’s preferred cooking style.

Fisher & Paykel’s new, award-winning Gas on Glass and Touch & Slide induction cooktop variants can be mixed and matched for those who love cooking with gas, but also find induction cooking appealing.

Fisher & Paykel makes it possible with new ‘domino’ additions to its award-winning Gas on Glass and Touch & Slide induction cooktops, giving consumers the ultimate freedom to arrange their cooking zones by mixing and matching different sizes and types of cooktops.

Fisher & Paykel’s Kara May explains consumers can now combine gas on glass wok, single or double burners seamlessly with Touch & Slide induction cooktops in 30, 60 or 90cm models, offering endless configuration options with the same easy-to-clean, reflective black glass and polished metal strip allowing individual products to line up perfectly.

The design excellence of Fisher & Paykel cooking appliances has won the company several accolades on the international stage. In 2013 Fisher & Paykel won the prestigious Red Dot Design Award for the stunning 90cm 3-burner Gas on Glass cooktop and another Red Dot for the new Touch & Slide induction cooktop family in 2014.

Touch & Slide induction cooktops

Fisher & Paykel’s new Touch & Slide induction cooktops are available in four different models offering a choice not just in size, but also the number of cooking zones. While the 90cm model has five cook zones, there are now two 60cm variants featuring 3 or 4 zones, while the space-saving 30cm cooktop offers two zones.

Key features and benefits of the Touch & Slide cooktops include unused cooking zones doubling as preparation space; smooth, eco-friendly ceramic and toughened glass surface making clean-up as simple as a wipe-down; precision controls for simple adjusting of temperature; GentleHeat function to cook on the lowest of temperatures; SmartZones with extra generous space allowing several small pots to be placed on a single zone; and bridging option allowing a larger cooking surface to be created for bigger pots and pans across two SmartZones.

All these functions can be operated easily with the easy-to-read display in two colours: red for heating levels and countdown timer; and white for GentleHeat, Bridging and Timer locations.

In addition to nine heat settings, there is a PowerBoost of up to 5.5kW on the larger cooking zones, and up to 3.7kW on others. This means the cooktop is using more than 100% of power resulting in a boost of intense heat for up to 10 minutes. Dual cooking zones are available on the C1603DTB2 and C1905DTB2 models. SmartZones and bridging are available on the C1302DTB2 and C1604DTB2 models.

Product range: 90cm 5 zone induction cooktop, 60cm 4 zone induction cooktop, 60cm 3 zone induction cooktop, 30cm 2 zone induction cooktop.

Gas on Glass gas cooktops

Fisher & Paykel offers three new models in the Gas on Glass range: 30cm (2 burners); 45cm (wok burner); and 90cm (3 burners) adding to the existing 60cm (3 & 4 burners) and 90cm (5 burner).

The 30cm two-burner is highly space efficient, while the 45cm single wok burner is among the most powerful on the market with 21.0MJ/h. Conversely the smaller burners offer excellent control, with the ability to maintain exceptionally low temperatures of just 0.7MH/h.

The 90cm three-in-a-row burners are spaced for ultimate ergonomic benefit mitigating the need to reach over hot pots and pans.

Product range: 90cm Gas on Glass 3 burner cooktop, LPG/natural gas, 45cm Gas on Glass wok burner, LPG/natural gas, 30cm 2 burner Gas on Glass cooktop, LPG/natural gas