Fisher and Paykel’s new family of stainless steel refrigerators offers an unlimited supply of cool, filtered ice and water.

Fisher & Paykel have installed ice and water dispensers in their large 522 litre upright refrigerator, making it the only single door fridge offering the convenience of chilled filtered water and an unlimited supply of ice. But this refrigerator’s innovation lies in the way the dispensers are installed, occupying only 3.5 litres of the fridge freezer’s total internal storage volume.

The refrigerator’s water dispenser is clearly visible externally on the fridge door, but once opened up it is clear that there is no loss of storage space internally. This leaves the fridge owner with plenty of room for condiments, cheeses, milk, drinks and eggs.

Likewise the internal ice dispenser, located in the freezer section of the fridge, filters ice cubes into a dedicated ice bin, ensuring a constant and steady supply of ice at all times. This alleviates the need to fill and store ice trays.

Four new fridge freezer models with a choice of either Fisher & Paykel’s new ‘designer series’ flat fronted or traditional ‘icon’ curved fridge door are available. Of these refrigerator choices, two options are made from an iridium non-marking material, and two in EzKleen brushed stainless steel.

Other key features of these new ice and water refrigerator models include an automatic ‘measured fill’ facility -measuring out exact preset quantities of a cup (250ml), glass (300ml) or jug (1000ml); ‘Freezer Chill’’ - sets the freezer part of the refrigerator to a minimum temperature for 12 hours to freeze room temperature food fast. This is useful if the freezer has just been loaded with fresh meat or perishable items that need to be frozen quickly to maintain quality and guarantee safety. Likewise, the fridges’ ‘Bottle Chill’ is designed to chill a bottle or can and may be set at 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 minute increments.