Two Fisher & Paykel Appliances CoolDrawer multi-temperature refrigerators star in Nigella Lawson’s current television series, Nigellissima.

Nigellissima, a popular cooking show is shot in an on-studio set designed to be an exact replica of Nigella’s home kitchen, and the stainless steel fronted CoolDrawers are fitted under the central cooking bench where Nigella is filmed preparing most of her dishes.

Though the internationally acclaimed UK cooking personality does endorse various products, the appearance of the Kiwi-designed CoolDrawer refrigerators was not part of a sponsorship or endorsement deal. According to Fisher & Paykel General Manager - Marketing, Mr Peter Russell, this would probably make it the ‘purest’ endorsement of all.

Mr Russell comments that it is wonderful knowing Fisher & Paykel appliances have been independently selected by one of the biggest, and most popular cooking personalities.

Nigella joins a growing list of ‘celebrity chefs’ in Australia and overseas that are choosing Fisher & Paykel appliances for their personal and professional lives. Gordon Ramsay has had a Fisher & Paykel refrigerator in one of his homes and UK-based John Torode wants to get his hands on the DCS Outdoor Grill, says Mr Russell.

Key features of Fisher & Paykel CoolDrawer multi-temperature refrigerators:

  • Five temperature settings including freezer, pantry, refrigerator, wine cooler and chiller
  • Available in white or stainless steel
  • Can be matched to existing cabinetry if required
  • Ideal for kitchens, boardrooms, or any indoor or outdoor entertaining area