Fisher & Paykel Appliances  are pleased to support for Earth Hour 2009, reaffirming their commitment to climate change and to provide environmentally friendly appliances for consumers.

Fisher & Paykel’s SmartDrive technology, which helps to save energy in the popular AquaSmart range of washing machines, will be used to generate power for the Future Spark concert – the key launch event for international Earth Hour celebrations.

The main source of energy for the concert, which is expected to attract more than 8000 people to Melbourne’s Federation Square, will be the Future Spark Power Trailer.

The trailer is comprised of rooftop solar panels and electricity-generating bicycles attached to Fisher & Paykel SmartDrive motors. The motors, taken from used washing machines, will create electricity when the bicycles are pedaled. Team Fisher & Paykel pedaled hard and generated 457Wh of energy in an hour.