Fisher and Paykel Appliances  established in Australia during 1934 started manufacturing conventional appliances for use in domestic and commercial purposes.

Fisher and Paykel Appliances has further developed its technology during the course of time and has introduced plastic insulation and liners using polyurethane.

During 1960’s Fisher and Paykel Appliances saw a major breakthrough when they found the way of producing short runs of extensive range of models through common manufacturing machinery. This is the time they achieved mass production of every model very day on scheduled time which resulted into export opportunities of various products.

Flexible machinery lines’ additions and learning to control the systems was another major breakthrough in the process of developments for the future plans.

It has helped develop cabinets using prepainted steel and this enable coiled steel to be processed in these lines of machinery which could notch and pierce different shapes and sizes. Compact drier incorporated this technology which was conceived by Fisher and Paykel Appliances’ own engineers.

This technology was further carried over into washing machines and refrigerators.