The fischer multi bolt FMB 20 is the innovative solution for the temporary fixing of heavy loads such as formwork or shuttering props. This unique fixing solution is based on the current guidelines of the European Technical Approval and complies with fischer’s ultimate quality and safety requirements.

The fischer FMB consists of a reusable anchor screw (zinc-plated, steel grade 8.8) with 20 mm diameter. The 16 mm internal thread is well protected from the rough building site environment.

The large washer makes for safe use also in long holes. The expansion element is screwed into the anchor screw and stays in the drill hole after dismantling. Compared with conventional fixings, this design principle reduces procurement costs by as much as 20%.

Like a bolt anchor, the fischer FMB is fixed in place by way of the through fixing method. The short tightening torque and the universal key width of the hexagonal inset of the anchor screw allow a rapid installation.

Besides shorter installation times, the fischer multi bolt also absorbs higher shear loads and tensile loads than similar fixing systems.

After use, the anchor screw is dismantled together with the washer and can be reused as often as five times with a new expansion element. No anchor parts protrude from the drill hole after dismantling, enhancing safety at the building site and saving time as there is no need to cut off the anchor shafts.