Firefox Industries  manufacture a wide range of indoor and outdoor fireplaces that comprise of both traditional and modern style. 

The company’s slow combustion woodheaters have been engineered to overcome problems associated poor efficiency and poor air quality when using traditional wood heaters.

The slow combustion woodheater is specificially designed to maximise heat output. As the unit heats up, it draws the room air up and around the side of the unit and circulates heated air back into the room. This ensures not only radiant by also convected heat is being generated.

Other key benefits and features of the slow combustion woodheater include: 

  • the heating device produces very low emissions beating Australian woodheating standards by more than 50 percent 
  • combines traditional wood heating with a modern look
  • optional fan can be added to increase the unit's heating capability by pushing warm air even further into the area that requires heating
  • two models are available, one which can heat up to 160 metres squared and the other 240 metres squared
  • Australian made product