Firecat Home Fire Sprinkler Systems (SA) has produced the Firecat Domestic Sprinkler systems, market leading domestic sprinkler systems with significant competitive advantages.

The Firecat domestic sprinkler systems,  result of the technology focus and commitment to research and development of the company, are fire suppression systems designed to operate through connections to households’ existing water supply.

Each of the sprinkler units in these innovative sprinkler systems are connected to a dedicated fire fighting water supply loop inside the roof space to allow water to extinguish a fire as a direct response to fire heat.

The concealed sprinkler heads are controlled by heat sensitive elements recessed into the ceiling that will burst when temperatures of a room reach approximately 58° to 68° degrees centigrade.

The Firecat systems ensure that only the sprinklers nearest the point of fire will activate as they reach the designated temperatures. They also incorporate a priority valve system linked to the existing water supply and therefore do not require their own connection to the water main.

Some of the OH & S benefits of these fire sprinkler systems for responding emergency services include:

  • Instant activation of a dedicated Fire Water Ring Main in the ceiling to suppress a fire via flush mount concealed and semi recessed sprinkler heads.
  • Automatic water redirection to the fire system when a sprinkler head activates.
  • "003" Key access to the Water Control Box with system pressure gauge and test port.
  • External "RED" flashing strobe and "FIRE" placard to assist emergency personnel with premises identification (to commercial Fire Control Room standards).
  • Emergency Meeting Point identification placards located at the front of the property for residents and emergency responders
  • Identification stickers inside the Electrical Power Distribution Box providing system details.
  • A tailored Escape Plan and Safety Training package for residents.
  •  A one touch system reset facility for responding personnel to ensure ease of operation and rapid restoration of the Fire Sprinkler System.