Fire Safety Constructions , established in 1998, caters to the needs of building owners, building owner’s corporations and strata managers to effectively perform upgrading work on the fire safety qualities of existing buildings. Fire Safety Constructions has since then, been carrying out fire safety upgrade work and is reported to be the only contractor to specialise exclusively in this field. Fire Safety Constructions is committed to high quality workmanship and in maintaining harmonious relationships with its clients.

State legislation requirements stipulate that local councils should have a programme in place to caution and act upon premises that do not meet the minimum requirements of fire safety. This has led to legislations requiring fire safe buildings. Therefore, the owners of several premises are seeking to upgrade fire safety aspects to ensure the safety of users and neighbours.

Fire Safety Constructions steps in at this stage, and offers its quality services to effectively carry out the required upgrade work. On the other hand, some building owners are voluntarily upgrading the fire safety aspects of their premises, taking advantage of the occasions when general renovations are being done or during tenancy changes. In such cases, Fire Safety Constructions provides services, while recognising the special aspects of doing such work in occupied premises.