The Fire Protection Association Australia (FPA) is a national non-profit organisation that is dedicated in providing education and continual improvement in fire safety standards. The FPA helps provide authoritative advice and information on all aspects of fire safety and emergency management. 

The organisation also serves as the Australian central source of information and services in fire protection for life, assets and the environment. The vision of the FPA is to promote the protection of life, assets and the environment from fire and related emergencies.

The Fire Protection Association of Australia was formed in 1 January 1997 when members of the Fire Protection Industry Association Australia and the Australian Fire Protection Association had agreed to become partners to create one representative body.

The national office is located in Melbourne that is operated by permanent staff and governed by a Board of Directors, which consist of 6 elected members.. The fire safety organisation is also represented in each state by a local committee made up of dedicated members.

Members of the FPA consist of representatives from manufacturers, suppliers of fire protection products and services, fire fighters, building owners, insurers, designers, surveyors, educations and as well as government bodies and legislators. In order to become a member, the individual has to be fully compliant with the 2008 Fire Protection Association Australia Code of Practice.

The Fire Protection Association Australia is dedicated in providing all Australians with updated information on the latest fire safety developments, practices, protection and procedures for all residential, commercial and industrial areas.

For more information on fire protection, and the FPA, call their contacts or visit their website.