Finnleo Saunas Australia  is stated to have achieved a breakthrough in its creation of a practical and modern steam cabin. The steam cabin from Finnleo Saunas Australia can produce the traditional climate as was known to the Romans.

The steam room from Finnleo Saunas Australia is stated to guarantee a healthy and restful experience in total comfort for the bather. Modern technology enables the steam baths from Finnleo Saunas Australia perfect temperature control and the environment to suit every specific individual taste. The steam generator, combined with the high constructional quality of the steam rooms from Finnleo Saunas Australia ensure several years of trouble free use for the bathers.

Unlike the dry heat of sauna, steam baths from Finnleo Saunas Australia, afford a warm moist atmosphere. There are several beneficial effects of steam baths, the main one being a relaxing sense of satisfaction and well being that it brings.

As with sauna, steam bathing is also to be alternated with a cooling phase. Finnleo Saunas Australia suggests that users may return to the steam room several times, but each session must be followed by a cooling phase.