Finger hinge protectors from Fingersafe Australia are creating an enormous impact on the issue of door safety.

The continuously evolving range of Fingersafe’s finger guards for doors has helped prevent thousands of accidents over the years since their invention. However, until these door safety products were introduced in the market, door related finger injuries were an unfortunate but regular fact of life, leaving terrible scars, both physically and mentally, especially in children.

Fingersafe is the original finger hinge protector for doors with no other hinge protection actually ejecting fingers from the opening. Featuring a simple yet ingenious design, Fingersafe’s finger hinge protectors can be fitted neatly and unobtrusively to any door. It is also fireproof and weatherproof while its installation only requires basic DIY knowledge.

A world leader in door safety, Fingersafe is now considered a necessity by Health & Safety officers worldwide who recognise the very young, elderly and those with special needs as being particularly vulnerable to door related finger injuries.

Employers and managers are also becoming more aware of not only the cost of trauma, treatment and disability but also the possibility of litigation or claim for personal injury in the event of an incident. One of Australia’s leading energy services companies, Ensign Australia, based in Toowoomba QLD has recently installed several Fingersafe finger guards to protect their employees in response to a particular incident at one of their remote drilling sites.