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    Finger and Hand Safety with MK1A for Hinge Opening Side from Fingersafe®

    Developed in 1992 and trademarked worldwide Fingersafe® exclusively produces the MK1A door safety product that effectively ejects fingers from the opening hinge side of a door.

    Simple to install in any application, these intelligent solutions fit the complete length on both sides of the door and protect fingers from critical injuries.

    Without integration of Fingersafe® the hazardous gaps on the hinge side of a door have the potential to force 40 tons per square inch of pressure on a trapped finger causing trauma, mutilation or even amputation.

    Focused on essential health and safety, Fingersafe® is critical in areas exposed to the very young, elderly and individuals with special needs

    • Suitable for all doors in commercial and domestic applications including fire doors
    • Stocked length of 1930mm (6ft 4in) and 2032mm (6ft 8in) that allows for a full 12.5cm (5in) door opening
    • Applicable to wood, aluminium, metal, stainless steel, uPVC and Crittal doors, to a full 180 degrees to a maximum opening of 12.5cm (5in)
    • Adaptable for doors or gates with a maximum opening of up to 21.5cm (8.5in)
    • Compatible to fit rising butts

    Available in a spectrum of colours including:


    • Black
    • Brown
    • Caramel
    • Cream/Ivory
    • Dark Blue
    • Dark Grey
    • Light Grey
    • Red
    • White
    • Yellow

    Proven effectiveness, durability and safety, Fingersafe® is installed around the world in leading corporations including Mcdonald’s, Sainsbury’s, Tesco and KFC. Fingersafe® is also integrated into schools, educational buildings and healthcare centres nationwide, notably the White House Day Care Centre on Capital Hill, Washington DC.


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