Fingersafe is a door hinge guard that prevents fingers from being pinched, crushed or amputated at the hinged end of doors.

Each year it is estimated there are nearly 300,000 door-related finger injuries world wide. Many include serious injuries such as broken bones and amputation.

Fingersafe consists of two different door attachments, each fitting a different side of the hinged end of doors.

The MK1A is the most commonly recognised Fingersafe component and looks like an accordion.

The MK1A fits over the fulcrum side of a door hinge opening (the side which the inside of the hinge assembly is exposed).

This area is the most common location for injury to occur because it opens wider than the other side of the door.

The MK1B fits on the other side of the hinged end of a door over the outside of the hinge assembly.

This area is also very dangerous to children, the elderly or infirm, but due to the way most hinged doors operate, the opening stays the same size during most of the door's operation, limiting the amount of coverage required for protection.

This side of the door can be easily protected with Fingersafe Australia’s MK1B attachment.