The unique, patented and inconspicuous finger protection system from Fingersafe Australia , prevents fingers and hands from being trapped during the opening and closing of doors. 

These easy to install, concertina shape protection safety products are designed to fit full length on both sides of doors. 

Fingersafe suits most door types, while allowing 180º opening:
  • butt hinge hung doors
  • flush doors
  • bi-fold doors
  • UPVC doors
  • fire doors
Commercial applications
Fingersafe is installed in various:
  • high street establishments
  • educational buildings 
  • healthcare centres 
For child safety, Fingersafe is considered an essential fixture in schools and nurseries.

Recent projects
Fingersafe recently supplied and installed its range of MK1A (for hinge opening side doors), MK1B (for hinge pin side doors) and MK1C (for all door types) protection safety products.
  • City of Melbourne installed at the Boyd Hub, Southbank Community Centre, which opened in August 2012 (supply and install)
  • Shelford Girls’ Grammar Early Learning Centre, Melbourne (supply and install)
  • University of Ballarat Children's Centre, Mt Helen (supply only)
"All have taken the required quantity of MK1A, MK1B and MK1C to ensure they provide a safe environment for the children in their care," said Debbie Kimberley of Fingersafe.

According to a recent article, the finger and hand protection system has found much support from state governments, with the South Australian Department of Business, Planning and Infrastructure specifying Fingersafe in newly designed special schools in addition to the NSW Minister for Education and Communities endorsing Fingersafe by agreeing to trial it in a school that has a specific need. The West Australian Department of Education is also currently reviewing Fingersafe products.