Fielders Steel Roofing  offers products such as roofing and walling, centenary carports and verandas, steel formwork, dominator fencing system, endurance structures, vents, rainheads, gitterign, cappings, doorframes, purplins and grit. The roofing and walling products from Fielders Steel Roofing consists of Crank Curving, WideKlip. HiKlip, KingKlip, S Rib Corrugated, TL-5 is an economical wall panel or short span roofing, Spanform, Hart Curves, Galvanised Roofing, Heritage Barrel Press, Panelform are one of the low profile ceiling and walling panel, Lo-Clad, Mini-Flute, Neo Roman and Smooth Curving.

The steel formwork variety from Fielders Steel Roofing consists of KF40 (KingFlor 40), KF70 (KingFlor 70), KF57 (KingFlor 57), CF210 (ComFlor 210), RF55 (ReFlor 55) and FibreFlor. The centenary range from Fielders Steel Roofing adds value as well as living space to home irrespective of whether it is a sheltered outdoor area for special entertaining occasions, family and friends, or covered protection for your car, a centenary carport, verandah or patio can bring the inside out. Fielders Steel Roofing uses a unique two piece box beam that offers a greater strength as well as stylish looks for a valuable addition to the home. The dominator fencing solution from Fielders Steel Roofing comprises of dominator panel fencing, dominator post and rail fencing, dominator mini-flute fencing, dominator tubular or pool fencing.