Fielders KingFlor is contributing to the success of several high-level developments across Australia through its adaptability and time-saving advantages.

On-time completion of any commercial development can hinge on factors such as the versatility and strength of structural formwork. Fielders KingFlor composite steel formwork, released in 2000, has become the flooring system of choice for multi-storey building projects to speed up construction time and save costs.

National Commercialisation Manager at BlueScope Building Components, Nathan Jack explains that the adaptability of the flooring system is the reason it has become the product of choice for several notable developments during the first quarter of the year.

Fielders is currently working with architects and builders to supply KingFlor to a range of projects across the country from high-rise office and residential buildings to car parks and education facilities, with the product consistently improving project efficiencies due to reduced concrete, labour and propping requirements.

According to Nathan, one of the key advantages identified by specifiers is the versatility in different deckings available in the KingFlor range, with five individual profiles including two trapezoidal, two re-entrant profiles and a deep deck profile. This broad range allows KingFlor to deliver an effective solution regardless of the demands of the project.

The manufacturer has recently been contracted to provide 20,000m² of KingFlor CF210 decking for the prominent $200m Meriton residential tower in North Sydney. Meriton is the first high-rise residential building in Australia to be constructed purely from structural steel, eliminating the traditional concrete frame building method.

Nathan explains that the traditional steel construction depth varies from 450mm to 650mm, which has generally precluded the use of steel framed structures in apartment building design given the increase in the overall height of the building and the associated construction costs.

However, by using the innovative CF210 SlimFlor system, the construction depth of the flooring can be reduced to 290mm, competing favourably with concrete framed buildings and contributing to a significantly faster construction time and reduced costs for Meriton.

Director at enstruct Group, Tim Boulton who developed and led the structural design and documentation for the Meriton project, explained how KingFlor CF210 was the best solution for the revolutionary North Sydney development as a reliable and adaptable decking product capable of achieving the spans required within the available floor depth.

According to Tim, the KingFlor CF210 system is a versatile and trusted building solution, used widely across UK and Europe for many years in a range of developments. The KingFlor system, therefore, brings with it the assurance of proven quality, while providing them with the best solution on the market for this project.

Tim adds that CF210 is critical to the Meriton development, being a key component of the SlimFlor system when combined with the floor beams, which has reduced the construction depth and assisted them with bringing the steel frame concept to life.

Fielders has also been contracted by Crown International to supply 70,000m² of KingFlor KF40 material at the V by Crown apartment complex in Parramatta. Standing at 29 storeys high and offering 500 ultramodern apartments, the $309m development, when completed, will be Parramatta’s tallest building boasting sweeping views of the Sydney skyline. KingFlor KF40 was chosen for this project due to its trapezoidal shape, saving the project 16mm of concrete across the entire project of 70,000m², resulting in reduced preparatory costs and allowing for faster execution of the floor laying process.

Both projects in North Sydney and Parramatta are expected to be completed in 2015 within a positive timeframe thanks to the improved project efficiencies delivered by the KingFlor system.

Fielders also offers a full comprehensive suite of technical design tools to support architects and builders in planning and implementation using the KingFlor system, allowing the most challenging of structural designs to become a reality.