KingFlor composite steel formwork available from Fielders Steel Roofing is helping building projects save money, speed up work and increase safety onsite.

Offering a choice of two trapezoidal profiles, two re-entrant profiles and one deep deck profile, the KingFlor composite steel formwork range presents a smarter alternative to traditional composite slabs, leading to savings in time, effort and money.

KingFlor KF40 is a unique alternative to ply formwork providing concrete savings up to 40 kg/m². The KF57 profile offers excellent performance in fire-rated slab applications, while KF70 provides un-propped spans and concrete savings due to the high-performance trapezoidal profile.

The RF55 provides exceptional performance in suspended concrete slabs with its dovetail lapping ribs resisting lateral deflection to enhance spanning capacity and strength. The CF210 profile promises lower floor depths with a large deck area and a floor system that is perfect for apartments, with concrete savings of up to 60 per cent.

Builders can achieve savings in labour and material, enable fast track construction with less site congestion, and ensure greater safety onsite.

Image: KF40 is a unique alternative to ply formwork