The endurance structure from Fielders Steel Roofing consists of domestic endurance structures, industrial endurance structures, barns and usage endurance, rural endurance structures. All the structural designs are created based on the latest software system developed by Fielders Steel Roofing that merges the highest standard of strength and finish. The endurance structure of Fielders Steel Roofing can tailor structures as per client’s requirements in terms of any kind of size, design, colour, appearance and layout, taking into account terrain, wind speeds and applications.

The construction option with reference to endurance structure from Fielders Steel Roofing provides options such as sliding doors, windows, roller doors, skylights, personal access doors, whirly vents and so on. Fielders Steel Roofing offers 42 different ranges of rainheads. The rainheads from Fielders Steel Roofing are available in three different sections such as stainless steel, Ornate and Modern. The vents from Fielders Steel Roofing are available under sections namely Domer, Gable and Cupola.

The guttering variety from Fielders Steel Roofing comprises of Watergate, guttering – D, mitres, gutter stop ends, downpipes, guttering – fascia, guttering - Ainsworth O.G., guttering - 150mm half round, guttering - hi front quad gutter, guttering – halfline, guttering - hi-tensile. The capping series from Fielders Steel Roofing encompasses Barge Roll, Steel Fascia, 350mm Ridge Cap Roll Top, Barge Capping, Low Profile Ridge, Hip Bracing, Mini-Flute Extruded Aluminium Channels, Edge Roll and Curved Flashings.