Fielders Steel Roofing is one of providers of Fielders Concealed Fixed Roofing Solutions that includes a 20 year watertight guarantee. Fielders Steel Roofing has also developed a new version of Australia’s most popular composite slab design software. The sales staffs of Fielders Steel Roofing checks the load size as well as the length at the time of order that enables them to make alternative pick up arrangements if necessary.

Fielders Steel Roofing includes nine mobile mills. Fielders Steel Roofing has rolled all their profiles across Australia. Sheet lengths of more than 100metres have already been achieved and the possibilities are endless. The tough, economical, weather-tested and watertight, Fielders concealed fixed roofing are available in a variety of profiles in order to suit any application. The KingKlip from Fielders Steel Roofing is of an optimum cover width, impressive strength and watertight in the toughest conditions. Fielders have developed state of the art machinery in order to satisfy the demands of crank curving and smooth curving to tight Radii.

The HiKlip of Fielders Steel Roofing has almost double the water carrying capacity of standard decks. HiKlip boasts rib height that gives great strength and reduces the number of purlins. These are tested to withstand severe weather conditions. WideKlip is the widest concealed fixed deck available in Australia. Smaller quantity sheets speed up installation and a 35millimetre profile optimises steel usage, thus providing an economical solution in order to makes WideKlip comparable with screw fixed profiles.