Global Positioning Systems from Fielder Instrument Company are manufactured by Topcon, using the latest G3 technology, which is a new technology for satellite positioning systems. This technology is a pioneering development, which incorporates satellite receiver technology with a tracking system that can receive signals from all the three satellite positioning systems, namely, GPS, Glonass and Gailileo.

The GPS receiver from Fielder Instrument Company is mainly required to lock onto satellites and take accurate measurements. The Topcon GPS receivers from Fielder Instrument Company has some key features such as, interference or jamming suppression, Co-op and GPS-L2 tracking, multi path reduction, quick initial acquisition and reacquisition, real time cycle slip detection and correction. These Topcon systems supplied by Fielder Instrument Company come with suitable antennas in three models.

Additionally, Fielder Instrument Company also offers a base case for the GPS receivers supplied by it. The system’s antenna’s radio modems, GSM and other accessories all fit in the base case comprising base station and carrying case. If field base station is required to be set up, Fielder Instrument Company supplies specific cases that offer ruggedness and the facility of external connections.