Fieger Louvre Australia presents their range of FLW double glazed Louvre windows with thermally-broken extruded aluminium frames.

Thermally-broken aluminium frames are a recent development in window technology that provides robust single piece frames, which do not subject to distortion. They are manufactured with glass-fibre reinforced plastic pinions, which are operated by a purpose-built rack made of heavy duty aluminium alloy.

The FLW Louvre windows offer a large, free area of ventilation compared to standard windows with a maximum opening angle of 90 degrees. When closed, the glass Louvres forms a flush surface on the outside of the window frame to create a uniform appearance.

The double glazing provides a total thickness of 24mm and a U-value of 1.1/DIN EN 673. The double glazing can also be combined with sun screening, soundproofing and safety glass. The units are also sealed with continuous EPDM profiles.

The FLW double glazed Louvre windows are suitable for facades, conservatories, schools, staircases, production halls, atria and office buildings, as well as many other residential and commercial building applications.

The FLW double glazed Louvre windows, from Fieger Louvre Australia, also feature NSHEV certified across a range of sizes and different drives.