Fieger Louvre Australia  offers the new range of Fieger all glass louvre windows. Fieger Louvre Australia’s goal in developing this system was to reinvent the conventional louvre window and give it a new face.

In the design process, Fieger Louvre Australia placed ideal emphasis on harmonising the well-proven elements of its FLW System with the newly developed components.

The result is that Fieger Louvre Australia can now offer a system, which combines the functional advantages and the high quality of Fieger louvre windows with the optical advantages of a frameless louvre window.

Installed in double-skin facades, louvre windows are the ideal solution for modern ventilation designs, reducing energy requirements in winter, supplying fresh air in summer and ensuring a comfortable atmosphere at all times.

Smoke control is frequently a key issue in modern buildings and controllable ventilation is the preferred approach.

A maximum ventilation free area combined with the short time required to open them make Fieger louvre windows particularly effective for the removal of smoke and gases in the event of fire.

The individual, frameless louvres in the FGL system create a homogeneous glass surface, which sets standard in respect of transparency and light transmission.

The window frame is set flush with the all glass louvers, which blend harmoniously into the appearance of the facade.

Fieger louvre windows are manufactured according to specification. The number of louvres in any window can be changed based on an optimum louvre height between 170mm and 300mm.

The Fieger louvre windows can be glazed with single glazed safety glass or laminated safety glass. Each louvre has 2 holes on each side to fix the stainless steel brackets.

Overlapping louvres are standard for the FLG system. On request, alternatives are available, e.g. interlocking louvres with steppededge LSG made of tempered glass. Fieger Louvre Australia’s FLG system is also available with fixed louvres.

Feasible designs depend directly on the location in which they will be installed and the related demands on the performance of the louvre windows and glazing.

Fieger louvre windows can be anodised, powder-coated or spray-painted in all standard RAL colours. Special colours are also available.