Fibonacci Stone announces three new colourways for their terrazzo stone tiles collection.

Engineered to provide unique and expressive hard flooring solutions for a wide range of commercial and residential environments, the terrazzo stone tiles by Fibonacci Stone combine quality, strength, beauty and safety with a 100 per cent Green Star score. The unique mix of colours and tones in the aggregate enables Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles to adapt to changing interior colour schemes, adding to the longevity of this versatile material.

Fibonacci Stone’s newest colour offerings all feature marble-based compositions, the perfect solution for those seeking the beauty of natural marble along with a low maintenance and hard wearing flooring solution.

Dove Grey terrazzo tiles

Dove Grey terrazzo tiles feature marble in neutral shades of white, grey, shell and brown to create a sophisticated and adaptable floor finish for any interior application. Lending a warm and natural foundation to the most minimal interior scheme or anchoring the most luxurious environment, Dove Grey has a cool, dappled grey composite effect, working effortlessly in bold or neutral colour environments and equally effective in traditional or contemporary settings.

Nougat terrazzo tiles

Nougat mixes subtle tones of white, beige, grey and dusty pink marble to create a versatile complement to elegant feminine interior schemes. Nougat’s muted pastel aggregates are bound in soft white cement, with hints of deeper-toned marble creating a touch of drama for a subtle yet complex finish.

Storm terrazzo tiles

Storm contrasts pale aggregates of white, bone and pearl grey marble with stormy grey cement for a bold and graphic look. Ideal for high traffic areas and environments that require a sophisticated and durable flooring finish, Storm offers a strong and masculine terrazzo flooring solution for traditional and contemporary settings.

Each Fibonacci tile is individually made to size, achieving a thin, versatile and flexible flooring system with advanced strength, durability and longevity. The hard-wearing and long-lasting terrazzo tiles suit a wide range of applications, will last upwards of 30 years, and are safe, hygienic and easy to maintain.

Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles are custom produced to respond to key requirements of form, function and style with each colourway characterised by a unique tonal composition that comes from custom-blending selected aggregates to create a perfectly homogenous aesthetic and depth of colour, integrating well into any interior environment.