Melbourne architect Chris Connell chose Platinum honed tiles from Fibonacci Stone for the new dining venue Vanilla Upstairs located in the heart of Oakleigh. Serving wonderful pan-Mediterranean dishes in a relaxed yet sophisticated environment, Vanilla Upstairs was recently opened by Vanilla Lounge, a popular dining spot and patisserie.

Fibonacci’s Platinum honed tiles were chosen for their endurance as well as their ability to subtly reflect various design elements within the venue. Additionally, the 400 x 400 honed tiles perfectly blend with the venue’s colour palette in a subtle way. Fibonacci Stone’s Director, Michael Karakolis explained that the tiles also act as a canvas for various elements of the interior design; the brass fittings on the ceiling, for instance, are reflected in the stone tiles.

Architect Chris Connell said Fibonacci’s honed tiles were a clear choice due to their flexibility of function. Since the space was designed to incorporate indoor and outdoor dining, the same tiles could be used in both areas, creating seamless continuity between the two spaces.

The restaurant’s interior features a warm palette of bronze, walnut and grey with the brass patina bar serving as the centrepiece of the design. The bar as well as the machined oak walls and bronze ceiling disks cast an understated glow on Fibonacci’s Platinum tiles, which feature a neutral palette of warm greys and beige.

According to Karakolis, Fibonacci tiles are a popular choice in hospitality environments due to their durability and unique aesthetic that gets better with age. Given that hospitality environments are exposed to a lot of wear and are difficult to maintain, it’s important that the materials continue to look good regardless of their upkeep.

Fibonacci tiles also have strong thermal properties while their thickness delivers excellent acoustic quality, which is essential in hospitality environments.

Karakolis adds that more hospitality venues are looking for flooring options that age well and add to the overall atmosphere over time. Fibonacci tiles change over time due to wear and tear but add more character during the process.