Fibonacci Stone makes a bold statement with its latest collection of terrazzo surfaces.

Fibonacci Stone is Australia’s premier designer, producer and supplier of unique terrazzo surfaces. Fibonacci Stone’s new Urbane terrazzo surfaces evoke the spirit of the inner-city by combining a masculine black aggregate and smooth grey cement base to deliver both sophistication and pared back luxury. The soft matte tones of Urbane add a subtle and contemporary edge to the bold new terrazzo product.

Urbane is another example of how Fibonacci Stone’s extensive research and development continues to succeed in creating a new breed of terrazzo materials that offer the longevity and beauty demanded by Australia’s most influential and innovative designers.

Fibonacci Stone is the only terrazzo tile supplier for achieving a 100 per cent Green Star rating; the Urbane terrazzo tiles therefore provide a flooring solution that not only addresses a wide range of aesthetic and budget requirements, but also delivers an ethical and environmentally responsible flooring solution for all interior situations.

Fibonacci Stone’s Urbane terrazzo tiles are purpose-made to provide flexible and reliable hard surface solutions that meet a wide range of functional and aesthetic objectives.