Hard surface flooring expert Fibonacci Stone shares five essential tips for selecting the right flooring for a space.

The floor is required to be versatile, hardwearing and durable in any interior environment. Director of Fibonacci Stone, Michael Karakolis explains the floor is the one interior element that must withstand a high volume of use over a long period of time; therefore choosing a new floor for residential or commercial interiors is an important decision, especially since the flooring usually outlives temporary elements in interior design such as furnishings and colour schemes.

According to Karakolis, one should select a flooring solution that will not only evolve with the space, but also maintain the same quality of finish for a long time.

Fibonacci Stone’s five flooring tips

Consider a versatile option

Flooring should be enduring in its aesthetic - the colour and finish should be responsive to the ongoing evolution of a residential or commercial space.

With each Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tile colourway encompassing a spectrum of hues and tonal depths, the aesthetic quality of each colour composition is perfectly homogenous, allowing the floor to seamlessly adapt to refreshed interior colour schemes and new fittings, thus extending the lifecycle of any interior space.

Longevity is essential

Hard surface flooring solutions such as terrazzo tiles should have high strength and hardwearing durability. Designed for longevity, Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles will last up to 30 years, eliminating the need for new flooring with every interior refresh.

Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles can also be polished in-situ at any time, meaning scratches can be easily repaired, and flooring rejuvenated years after installation.

Produced using a high percentage of natural aggregates and low percentage of inorganic binder consistently distributed throughout the tile, Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles are exceptionally strong, durable and flexible.

Fibonacci Stone also utilises UV resistant pigment oxides to ensure colour consistency is not compromised.

Make a healthy choice

Stability and reliability of product is extremely important when selecting long-lasting fit-out components such as flooring.

Physical properties of Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles include excellent strength, durability, dimensional stability, versatility and flexibility. Fibonacci Stone tiles absorb building movement where many other surface materials might crack or delaminate. Their excellent slip resistant qualities make them a safer choice in high-use areas such as kitchens, bathrooms and entrance foyers.

Select a sustainable solution

Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles have achieved a score of 100 per cent under the Green Star ‘Fit-Out Calculator’ by the Green Building Council of Australia MAT-4 Concrete Credit.

Key factors contributing to this achievement are an ISO 14001 Accredited manufacturing process, high recycled content, and the Fibonacci Stone Stewardship Contract to disassemble the floor and arrange for it to be recycled. Achieving the lowest water cement ratio in its category, Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles also contribute to Green Building credits.

Ease of maintenance

A hard surface flooring solution that requires minimal maintenance should be ideally selected. The aesthetic and physical mechanical qualities of Fibonacci Stone can be maintained for many years using simple maintenance practices.

Regular sweeping helps to prevent large grit particles from scratching the surface while a dash of methylated spirits or pH-neutral detergent can be added to hot water for mopping. Sealing Fibonacci Stone terrazzo tiles is also recommended.