Fibonacci Stone has introduced a new range of terrazzo tiles that references the prized terrazzo surfaces of ancient Italy and merges them with a contemporary and elegant colour palette. Originally a by-product of the works of master sculptors, terrazzo was developed by recycling precious marble fragments into a hardwearing and highly prized flooring surface.

Fibonacci Stone’s IDOL terrazzo tiles are a tribute to the past, but extend beyond the classical to include accents reminiscent of the bold graphic imagery of post modernism and Memphis design. Fibonacci Stone’s unique colour and tonal compositions result in a sophisticated and thoroughly modern terrazzo tile.

The dramatic new aggregate composition in Fibonacci Stone’s terrazzo collection has been immediately picked up by leading interior designers as a key design trend for 2015 with IDOL being specified in various projects.

Fibonacci Stone’s Design and Managing Director Michael Karakolis explains that IDOL introduces a new aesthetic to the Fibonacci Stone range of Australian developed terrazzo tiles and has been embraced by the Australian design community.

IDOL terrazzo tiles offer a strong, durable and hardwearing flooring solution that reflects Fibonacci Stone’s continued evolution as a manufacturer of products at the cutting-edge of design trends.