Australian company Fibonacci Stone introduces the Earth Honed terrazzo stone range designed to meet the specific needs of the architectural products market.

A beautiful terrazzo stone, Earth Honed is made to Fibonacci Stone’s strict specifications at one of the most advanced plants in the world and is composed of approximately 75% natural riverstone aggregates (varying in size from 1mm to 6mm) and 25% Portland cement (inorganic binder).

An advanced cement technology - compaction by vibration under vacuum is employed to manufacture Earth Honed, giving the terrazzo stone tiles their unique slip resistance in addition to excellent physical mechanical properties and low water cement ratio. The resulting terrazzo tile has superior strength, durability, dimensional stability, versatility and flexibility in addition to its ability to absorb the movement commonly occurring in concrete slabs.

Manufacturing processes adhere to environmental management principles of ISO 14001 taking care to minimise waste and pollution. Fibonacci Stone works one-on-one with customers to create a distinctive aesthetic appearance for the terrazzo needs of each project.

The Earth Honed terrazzo tiles are suitable for both residential and commercial settings. In residential projects, Earth Honed can be installed in smaller areas such as bathrooms as well as living spaces. High traffic, style-conscious areas such as hospitality, gaming and liquor environments, as well as shopping centres, office spaces and hotel foyers are some of the commercial applications for the terrazzo tiles.

Key features and benefits of Fibonacci Stone Earth Honed terrazzo stone tiles:

  • Offered in three formats: 600x600x21mm, 600x400x18mm and 400x400x15mm
  • Comprises of 70% or greater recycled material, totally free of organic additives and 100% recyclable
  • Contributes to the thermal comfort of a space, reducing energy use from the decreased need for mechanical heating and cooling
  • Visual appearance varies based on colour, dimensions, type and grading of aggregate utilised
  • High quality pigments used for inherently deep, rich and full colours
  • Versatile application in both commercial and residential settings
  • Simple cleaning routine sufficient for maintaining aesthetic and physical mechanical qualities