Fethers  specializes in a wide range of frameless glass as well as glass fittings. Fethers comprises of glass fixings that are required for commercial glass applications. Fethers provides patch locks, sliding glass doors, door rails, bifold or stacking doors that can all be hung with the help of Fethers glass accessories. Fethers offers pool fences in frameless glass that are easy to install with Fethers 5000 Series balustrading. Fethers provides products such as shower hardware, balustrade, commercial door hardware, pool hardware and glass wall technology.

Fethers offers catalogue that are continuously upgraded, updated, introduces new products, systems as well as options in frameless glass. Fethers glass department, with its extensive industry knowledge ensure that the customer’s glass are cut and prepared for installation with accurate delivery times. The commercial door hardware from Fethers comprises of floorsprings and accessories, patch fitting accessories, door rails, patch locks and accessories, pull handles, door stops and clearances.

The pool hardware provided by Fethers offers essential safety feature that do not block ones view. The use of frameless pool hardware for fences and frameless glass pool gates from Fethers allows the clients’ uninterrupted views while still meeting all safety requirements. Whatever may be the layout, Fethers has the frameless pool hardware and glass fittings to surround customers pool irrespective of its shape.