Fence First Tubular Fencing  offer a wide range of fencing accessories. The accessories offered by Fence First Tubular Fencing include easy fit latches and brackets, spears, brackets, magnetic safety latch, drop bolts, fixed spring hinges, slide latch, weld on hinges, Tek screws, poly end caps.

The easy fit magnetic safety gate latch is simple to use and install. The easy fit magnetic safety gate latch comes with an adjustable height and a magnetic lockable key with a magnetic latch. This latch is made from corrosion resistant stainless steel and aluminium materials that is stabilised with ultraviolet radiations. The easy fit nylon safety gate hinge from Fence First Tubular Fencing is available in spring-loaded model. These gate latches are ideal for childcare centres, access gates, playground enclosures, schools and swimming pools.

The fencing brackets from Fence First Tubular Fencing are made from aluminium. The single lug brackets come in various types including horizontal, vertical and plain series of single fixing hole, two fixing holes. The rail brackets are available in zinc-plated steel for different size of rails. The adjustable rail bracket is made from aluminium and polymer. The adaptors available are for the 25 x 25, 30 x 30, 40 x 40 rails.